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Tryouts & Registration

Questions/Missed Tryouts?

Questions?Missed our annual tryouts and are still interested in playing with Illinois Fire Juniors? Please contact our Director of Coaching Myron King for more information. We take players year round as space allows.

2019-2020 Tryouts

2019-2020 Tryout Information

Dates for our 2019-2020 Annual Tryouts are below. All tryouts will be held at Community Fields on Ireland Grove Road (3808 Ireland Grove Rd, Bloomington, IL 61704). Players are expected to attend both nights of tryouts.

Please take a moment to read down to get all the information you need.

2018-2019 tryouts saw the highest number of players ever to tryout, over 600 players and some 36 travel teams offering different levels of competition for male and female players.

Choose Illinois Fire Juniors

Illinois Fire Juniors (formerly Illinois Fusion) is the premier youth soccer club in Central Illinois and official youth club affiliate of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Key features of our club include,

Fire Juniors are supported by a professional MLS structure while maintaining a local focus that meets the needs of youth players in the community. As part of the Chicago Fire Player Development Program, Fire Juniors players (boys and girls) have access to unparalleled opportunities for soccer development.

INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS FOR BOYS & GIRLS: The dual ‘premier’ and ‘select’ programming gives youth players an opportunity to be placed in the right environment to maximize their individual player development potential.

BE PART OF A NATIONAL NETWORK OF MLS YOUTH SOCCER CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS: The Fire Juniors network includes youth soccer clubs in North, South, City and West Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Florida. 

Illinois Fire Juniors Academy for Boys and Girls Under 8 & Under 9

The Illinois Fire Juniors Academy for boys and girls ages under 8 & under 9 is designed with the latest youth development research from across the globe in mind.  Our professional staff strives to create a positive environment where boys and girls can learn and experiment with new soccer skills in various activities and competitive match settings.

Director of Coaching Myron King

Phone: (309) 807-7870

Registration Questions

Have questions about how to register? Please contact our club Administrator for assistance.

Club Administrator Amanda Esparza

Phone: (309) 451-5800

Important Information

Directions to Community Fields

All tryouts will be held at Community Fields. Please check the table to determine the specific dates and times for your age groups tryout.

2019-2020 Tryout Dates & Times

U8 & U9 BOYS & GIRLS ACADEMY 2012 & 2011 5/28  5-6.30PM 5/29  5-6.30PM
U10 BOYS 2010 5/28  5-6.45PM 5/29  5-6.45PM
U10 GIRLS 2010 5/28  5-6.45PM 5/29  5-6.45PM
U11 BOYS 2009 5/28 6.45-8.30PM 5/29 6.45-8.30PM
U11 GIRLS 2009 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U12 BOYS 2008 5/28 6.45-8.30PM 5/29 6.45-8.30PM
U12 GIRLS 2008 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U13 BOYS 2007 5/30 6.45-8.30PM 5/31 6.45-8.30PM
U13 GIRLS 2007 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U14 BOYS 2006 5/30 6.45-8.30PM 5/31 6.45-8.30PM
U14 GIRLS 2006 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U15 BOYS 2005 6/3 5-6.45PM 6/4 5-6.45PM
U15 GIRLS 2005 6/3 6.45-8.30PM 6/4 6.45-8.30PM
U16 BOYS 2004 6/3 5-6.45PM 6/4 5-6.45PM
U16 GIRLS 2004 6/3 6.45-8.30PM 6/4 6.45-8.30PM
U17 BOYS 2003 6/3 5-6.45PM 6/4 5-6.45PM
U17 GIRLS 2003 6/3 6.45-8.30PM 6/4 6.45-8.30PM
U18 BOYS 2002 6/3 5-6.45PM 6/4 5-6.45PM
U18 GIRLS 2002 6/3 6.45-8.30PM 6/4 6.45-8.30PM
U19 BOYS 2001 6/3 5-6.45PM 6/4 5-6.45PM
U19 GIRLS 2001 6/3 6.45-8.30PM 6/4 6.45-8.30PM