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Striker Defender Goalkeeper Positional Camp

Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations Update

With the new mitigations in place, no indoor activities will be covered by Illinois Youth Soccer insurance. Our Positional Camp is cancelled for the December 3, 10, 17 dates. For questions, please email Director of Operations Tammy Stauffer at

Positional Camp Winter 2020

The IFJ positional winter camp will be open to any players throughout Central Illinois who want to improve their gameplay as keepers, defenders, or attacking players. Each week will feature 45 minutes of work individually within their positional group with college level coaches and 45 minutes of work as a camp with offensive players going against defensive players in game like situations.


Jr High 5 Week Cost: $175

High School 3 Week Cost: $125

Location: Tennis Dome Bloomington, IL

Dates: November 12, 19 & December 3, 10, 17

*No Camp on Thursday, November 26, 2020

Ages: Boys and Girls 08 and up!

Due to COVID-19 limitations, each winter positional camp will be limited to 50 participants. Once the 50 person limit has been hit, a waitlist will be created.


Age Group Session Time Session Dates

Jr. High Co-Ed


5:00-6:30PM 11/12, 11/19, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17

HS Women



12/3, 12/10, 12/17

HS Men


8:00-9:30PM 12/3, 12/10, 12/17


Camp Coaches

Each coach will be a high level coach who either coaches college or high school and has had major competitive success playing or coaching that position.

The coaches that will lead each section are:


  • Brian Wipperman - Illinois State University Goalkeeper Coach, IFJ Men’s HS Goalkeeping Coach, Former keeper coach with NY Red Bulls


  • Brendon Boucaud - Illinois State University Volunteer Assistant Coach, former University of Dayton Men's Assistant Coach, College Defender and National Team player (Trinidad)


  • Jeremy Stanton - University High School Men's Head Coach, National Federation of State High School Associations boys soccer Coach of the Year for the 2016-17 school year, Current IFJ Head Coach, Record setting University High School striker


Other Guest Coaches include:

Chad Jones - Former Milikin Heads Coach, Current ODP Coach

Craig Lee- Former Milikin Head Coach, IFJ Interim DOC, Bloomington High School Head Coach, IFJ Head Coach

Gabe Carreno- Illinois Wesleyan Assistant Coach, IFJ Men’s HS Director


Other coaches and guest coaches will be added prior to the start of the camp. More information will come as coaches are added.


COVID-19 Guidelines

Please note that per the current IDPH guidelines "When exercising indoors, face coverings should be worn at all times, including while exercising or participating in practices or competition."

Parent Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure your child is healthy and check your child’s temperature before activities with others.
  • Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling.
  • As practical, parents should drop off and pick up their children outside the facility.
  • Masks should be worn at all times while inside the facility
  • Ensure child’s clothing and any club issues pinnies are washed after every training.
  • Ensure all equipment (cleats, ball, shin guards etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.
  • Notify your club immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason.
  • Do not assist your coach with equipment before or after training.
  • Be sure your child has necessary sanitizing products with them at every training.
  • If the club has set‐up a “family area” for you to watch, stay within your designated area.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Take your temperature daily and especially before activities with others.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training.
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer with you at every training.
  • When exercising indoors, face coverings should be worn at all times, including while exercising or participating in practices of competition
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food or bags.
  • Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart.
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every training.
  • No group celebrations, high‐5s, hugs, handshakes, fist‐bumps, etc.
  • Follow all CDC and IDPH guidelines as well those of your local health authorities.  

Camp Questions?

Club Administrator Sarah Parola

Director of Operations Tammy Stauffer