Phase 1: Phase 1 will start as soon as possible and focus on the infrastructure work needed for the complex, building a new pond that will double as a regional water retention basin for the area, and leveling the ground to prepare for the main playing surface area. This will feature 10 full sized, 400 feet by 300 feet fields, sufficient parking, and a concession stand with bathrooms. This phase will require another roughly $3 million dollars to complete in grass; more if we utilize turf.

Phase 2: Phase 2 will entail expanded fields, including an additional 7 youth sized fields and a championship turf field with bleachers, bathrooms, and concessions. This phase would also include a storage shed and additional parking. This total cost of phase 2 will be an additional $3 million to complete.

Phase 3: Phase 3 features an indoor facility. As designed, the building is 280 feet by 560 feet, with enough space to hold an entire field and a half initially with land allotments to expand further if needed. The cost of this phase will largely be defined by the type of building constructed with ranges anywhere from $3 to $15 million dollars.

Phases 2 and 3 cannot be actualized without more financial support.