The Big Field. Big Dream. Big Impact: The Campaign for Community capital campaign aims to bring private financial support to our community-wide efforts to provide continued excellence and access to travel and recreation soccer programs for current and future generations. 

We do this with our eye on the ball as to why our soccer programs are so critically important in the lives of so many. Frankly, it's only really about the ball during practices and games. In between, it's about being part of a team, learning to lose and win with grace, building leadership skills, representing our families and community, understanding the value of fitness, and always having fun!

Through this fundraising campaign, we propose the building of a new soccer complex to fully meet our current community soccer program requirements, along with the creation of an endowed fund to cement our commitment to maintaining affordable program costs for all families. We further offer a bold proposal to develop a championship quality tournament complex that could place our community on the map of regional and national showcase events. Beyond the competitive sports aspect of this initiative, the building of such a complex would have significant economic development and societal impacts on the region.